What Accessories Come with an Autel Borescope MV400 5.5?

Borescopes are continuing to rise in popularity as more and more affordable options become available. Any professional, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast who occasionally needs to get a closer look at areas that are normally hidden from view can benefit from adding a borescope to their personal toolkit. That includes, for instance, HVAC technicians, home inspectors, plumbers, pest control professionals, and even professionals who repair musical instruments, such as Luthiers.

Owing to the fact that vehicles are packed with nooks and crannies that are impossible to inspect with the naked eye, unless you want to start disassembling things, these remote viewing instruments are particularly widely used in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

It is no surprise, then, that Autel makes borescopes. Autel is a company that specializes in producing intelligent diagnostic tools for use in the automotive industry, as well as in the manufacture of electronic components for vehicles.

The Autel Maxivideo MV400-5.5mm Digital Inspection Camera Video Scope (or, if you like, simply the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5) is among the more affordable flexible borescopes with a built-in LCD screen currently on the market.

Since this borescope is designed especially with the automotive industry in mind, you might think it is perfect for you if you are a car mechanic or someone who likes to maintain and fix their own vehicles. What accessories are included with the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5, though, and will this borescope meet your needs? Let’s shed some light on that!

The Autel Borescope MV400 5.5: What’s in the Box?

What Accessories Come with an Autel Borescope MV400 5.5?

Consumers who purchase the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 should expect to find the following components in the box:

  • The ergonomic handheld display unit. This is the part of the borescope that features a full-color LCD screen (which has a resolution of 320x240) and the control unit. Autel’s MV400 borescope has a mini USB port, video-out port, micro SD card slot, and DC power source port. At the tip of the handheld display unit, there is a charging indicator light and a cable connector, to which you attach the probe. At the bottom, the battery cap allows you to remove the battery. The screen is scratch- and oil-resistant, and images automatically rotate as you move the display unit.
  • Rechargeable Lithium batteries. These are advertised as having a battery life of up to six hours.
  • A 36" (91 centimeter) flexible extension probe. This probe is available in two different diameters — 8.5mm and 5.5mm, which is the one we are currently looking at. In addition to the camera head, this borescope has four LED lights.
  • A USB cable and a video-out cable to allow users to connect the Autel borescope to a computer, smartphone, or even a television.
  • A durable carrying case.

In addition, the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 should be shipped with some handy accessories.

What Accessories Does the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 Include?

What Accessories Come with an Autel Borescope MV400 5.5?

While the USB and video-out cables that the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 ships with are technically accessories, most users will be more interested in the attachments. This Autel borescope includes:

  • A magnetic attachment that can be used to “pick up” small metallic objects. Although the Autel Borescope MV400 8.5 comes with a larger and longer magnetic attachment, the 5.5mm version has a tiny magnet that can attach to its 5.5mm probe.
  • A mirror attachment that allows users to get a look at the most awkward locations, such as the top of an engine.
  • A hook attachment that makes it possible to retrieve small non-magnetic objects.

We should note that plenty of unauthorized sellers are currently offering the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5, both on Amazon and on independent websites across the internet. In these cases, some customers complain that their new borescope either shipped with only one or two of these attachments, or with none at all. Some customers who took their concerns directly to Autel were disappointed that the company would not be sending them the missing attachments, as the borescope they bought was sold by an unauthorized seller.

Always buy from Autel or an authorized reseller, both to ensure that you receive all your accessories and so that you can trust that you are indeed buying a genuine Autel Borescope MV400 5.5. This is also crucial if it turns out that you need to make use of the borescope’s one-year warranty.

Will the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 Meet Your Needs?

What Accessories Come with an Autel Borescope MV400 5.5?

Like other affordable borescopes, the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 will meet many professionals’ everyday needs, including those related to auto repair and inspection. However, before you buy this particular borescope (which does have the marked advantage of coming with a probe that has a very small diameter), you should also know that:

  • Some consumers are not satisfied with the fairly weak light that this borescope’s LED lights provide, noting that it is hard to get a good look at areas that do not have another light source.
  • Buyers who wanted a semi-rigid probe that can hold its shape (necessary to view upward) note that the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 has an extremely flexible cable.
  • Some buyers are not satisfied with the fairly low resolution this borescope provides.

Some of the best features the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 offers are, on the other hand:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface that has multiple language options.
  • A wide camera angle.
  • The removable media card that allows users to share the images the borescope captures with others.
  • The autofocus feature.
  • The fact that, unlike other borescopes in this price range, the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 has its own built-in screen.

The ultimate verdict is that the Autel Borescope MV400 5.5 offers plenty of advantages that its competitors don’t. The 5.5mm probe is one of these, and the full-color LCD screen that is built into a handheld display with an ergonomic grip is another. The accessories will prove to be very useful for some, but others will have difficulty seeing what they need to, as a result of the fact that this borescope has only four white LED lights.