How to Use a USB Borescope on a Car

The use of borescopes has grown exponentially in a large variety of industries as these viewing tools have come down in price. Not that long ago, industrial borescopes were prohibitively expensive for small businesses and self-employed tradespeople — but now, you’ll find a borescope in the toolkit of any professional who occasionally needs to inspect … Read more

How to Use a Borescope with Android Phones

Borescopes are viewing instruments that allow professionals or DIY enthusiasts to get a detailed look at small and enclosed spaces that would otherwise be difficult to inspect. A borescope can help you diagnose a problem, or it may simply enable you to ascertain that your working area is in tip-top condition. While industrial borescopes used in … Read more

How to Use a Borescope in an Engine

A borescope is a handy remote viewing tool that allows working professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to get a detailed, up-close, look at a small, enclosed, or otherwise hard-to-reach area. Essentially a “tiny camera on a (usually very flexible) stick”, a borescope can be used to view countless different areas. These tools are incredibly popular … Read more

How to Use a Borescope for Plumbing

Plumbers have surprisingly high levels of job satisfaction — likely because a plumber can expect an extremely varied working day that’s always filled with new challenges. Over the course of a typical day, a plumber might go out on an emergency call to fix a burst pipe, evaluate the quality of preexisting plumbing for new … Read more

How to Control a Borescope

Maybe you are a professional auto mechanic, home inspector, plumber, HVAC technician, or other tradesperson — or maybe you’re eager to do some DIY. Either way, it’s not difficult to encounter situations that are a lot easier to navigate if you have access to a borescope. These handy viewing tools allow you to inspect small spaces … Read more

How Much Does a Borescope Inspection of an Engine Cost?

Regular vehicle maintenance is an integral part of being a responsible driver — and you absolutely don’t have to wait for that “check engine” light to come on to start wondering if it is time for an engine inspection. If you do bring your car into your local automotive shop, the team of mechanics there is … Read more

How Far Can You See with a Borescope?

A borescope allows you to visually inspect areas that were previously concealed from view, without ever needing to dissemble or break anything. Because borescopes have consistently been dropping in price, it is no surprise that these handy and non-invasive remote viewing tools have snaked their way into more and more industries. Not that long ago, borescopes … Read more

How Do I Turn On Lights On a USB Borescope?

Industrial borescopes have existed since the 1960s, but until fairly recently, these tools came with such a hefty price tag that only top professionals, such as aerospace engineers, were able to work with borescopes routinely. Thanks to the advent of smartphones and high-resolution micro cameras, that is no longer true. Industrial borescopes that cost over $3,000 … Read more

What Accessories Come with an Autel Borescope MV400 5.5?

Borescopes are continuing to rise in popularity as more and more affordable options become available. Any professional, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast who occasionally needs to get a closer look at areas that are normally hidden from view can benefit from adding a borescope to their personal toolkit. That includes, for instance, HVAC technicians, home inspectors, … Read more

What Is a Borescope?

Inspection camera, viewing system, optical device, or optical instrument — people turn to a variety of different descriptive terms to explain what a borescope is. At its core, and in plain English, though, a borescope is a camera-connected electrical appliance that allows people to see inside small and tricky spaces. Borescopes designed for use in the … Read more