10 Best USB Endoscope & Borescope Cameras

Endoscopes are long-cabled cameras commonly used for purposes like viewing the inside of pipes or sewage drains. They are most often called “snakes” in the home repair industry for their ability to slither through winding tight pipes and twist into tight areas.

USB endoscopes connect right to your phone to be able to see what the camera sees whether it’s in perfect sunlight or total darkness. They can display all of the endoscope’s footage right on your device in beautiful HD quality.

With so many USB endoscopes on the market, choosing which ones are the best may prove to be a difficult task. Just for you, we’ve narrowed down the best of them all. Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best USB endoscopes for home and outdoor use.

Best USB Endoscopes

1. DepsTech Ultra-Thin Endoscope

DepsTech Ultra-Thin Endoscope

The DepsTech Ultra-Thin endoscope is powered by USB connection for a stable and clear picture quality of 1280x720p. It also includes a magnet, hook, and mirror for multipurpose usage, like fetching a lost ring out of pipes or checking the water level in your well.

This fully waterproof endoscope is 16 feet long with a 5.5mm lens, so you can see in small corners, tiny crevices, and more. The hose is very flexible, but it will hold its shape to be able to properly maneuver into tight spots.

To see your endoscope in action, plug it into your device! With a Type-C USB adapter, you can see it all on your smartphone or tablet by simply plugging it in.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully waterproof for use under water and easier cleaning.
  • Hose is 16 feet long, and 5.5mm wide for small pipes or other close fits.
  • Multiple attachments for any kind of job.


  • The connection does not support iPhones or iPads.
  • 16 feet may be too long for some jobs, but there are smaller lengths available.

2. Nidage Industrial USB Endoscope

Nidage Industrial USB Endoscope

The Nidage industrial endoscope is widely used by tradesmen like plumbers and HVAC workers. Because of its 50-foot length, this is an endoscope built for long-distance heavy-duty jobs.

This heavy-duty USB endoscope features a 5-megapixel camera to view everything in full HD quality. Plus, the 6 LED lights give you full sight in pitch-black darkness.

Powered by USB, you’ll get a completely stable connection the entire time you’re exploring with it, without glitching. The semi-rigid cable means that it’s flexible, but it holds enough structure to prop up and view everything. 

Pros and Cons


  • The long cable winds up for short-range jobs.
  • Semi-rigid cable provides blend of stability and flexibility.
  • It’s fully waterproof and submersible for water exploration.


  • It doesn’t support MacBook, Android Smartphones, or Tablets. Only connects with Windows computers.
  • You will have to download software CD before using it.

3. Youth Belief USB Endoscope

Youth Belief USB Endoscope

Youth-Belief’s endoscope is widely compatible and easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the USB adapter and download the app to get started.

2 megapixels helps you see everything in crystal clear vision through the lens. You can choose to view in real-time, take pictures and even record video to save on your device.

This USB endoscope is 11 feet long, making it best for smaller indoor jobs, like searching through pipes or small tunnels. However, it’s completely waterproof and dirtproof, which means it’s completely safe for heavy-duty outdoor use.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s lightweight, for better control and for handheld use.
  • It’s one of the most budget-friendly options.
  • 3 different attachments for various functionalities. 


  • While it’s compatible with MacBooks, it will not work with iPads or iPhones.
  • It’s only 11.5 feet, so it may not be optimal for longer-distance jobs. 

4. NY 3-in-1 USB Endoscope/Borescope

NY 3-in-1 USB Endoscope/Borescope

With the NY 3-in-1 endoscope, you’ll be prepared for any job, whether it’s finding a pipe blockage or retrieving lost jewelry from the drain. Featuring a thin, semi-rigid cable, you can see into places you never thought of before. 

The tiny 5.5mm camera lens provides an outstanding high-quality clarity and full lighting in any situation. Plus, this endoscope is waterproof and comes with adjustable lighting. 

Connect the USB to your phone, tablet, or computer. Next, download the app to start viewing or taking pictures of your findings.

Pros and Cons


  • Included 6 dimmable LED lights in the camera.
  • Additional attachments for use in different situations.
  • 5.5mm camera is small great extremely tight spaces.


  • The setup process is a bit tedious, having to find and download certain apps for different devices.
  • Like many others, this endoscope is not compatible with Apple devices.

5. Styleagal Endoscope Camera

Styleagal Endoscope Camera

Styleagal’s Endoscope camera is an endoscope with wide connectivity to all kinds of devices. With 1200p video quality and 2 megapixels, you get full HD quality for viewing or taking pictures.

This endoscope is 33 feet long, making it perfect for bigger jobs. It even comes with additional attachments so you can use it for more than just viewing inside machines or pipes.

With a waterproof rating of IP68, you can use this USB endoscope right under water. Plus, there are 8 bright LED bulbs to light the way in low-light or completely dark areas.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike many other endoscopes, the Styleleagal can be used with iPads and iPhones.
  • It has 8 adjustable LED lights, instead of the usual 6.
  • The cable has full flexibility.


  • Even though it must be hooked up to a device, it needs to be charged in order to be used.
  • Full flexibility may not be suited for jobs where you need the camera to prop up or hold its shape.

6. Fantronics USB Endoscope

Fantronics USB Endoscope

The Fantronics endoscope offers clear visuals in dark and usually inaccessible areas. For example, you can see inside the hood of your car or inside your chimney.

The camera lens is 8mm wide, dirtproof, and waterproof. These features make this USB endoscope perfect for searching in tiny areas underwater or in a narrow drain for lost items.

The 2-megapixel camera let’s you see things in clear quality from a distance of 16 feet away. The camera also provides superior lighting, which boosts the camera’s already fantastic quality.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with mirror, magnet, and hook for versatility.
  • Includes USB and USB Type attachments for different connection methods.
  • Ultra-thin for hard-to-reach places.


  • Not compatible for iPhones, but it does support MacBooks.
  • Newer-model smartphones may require additional download of the app.
  • Your images from endoscope will have company software’s watermark.

7. Teslong 3rd Generation Endoscope

Teslong 3rd Generation Endoscope

The 3rd Generation USB endoscope by Teslong is an endoscope built for versatility. With a semi-rigid cable of 16 feet and a 12.5mm lens, you have everything you need to see what you need to in any kind of hard-to-reach spot.

The 5-megapixel camera offers ultra-high-definition picture quality with detail and bright lighting. While you’re viewing, you can adjust the brightness, take pictures, or record videos that save right onto your device.

Simply plug it into your phone, tablet, or laptop to get going. For newer Androids, follow the instructions to download the app to control the endoscope right from your phone.

Pros and Cons


  • It includes 3 attachments for versatile usage.
  • The camera has auto-focus.
  • The lens creates superior camera quality.


  • It doesn’t support iPhones.
  • Has only 4 LED lights, instead of the usual 6.
  • No zoom feature on the camera.

8. DXZtoz USB Endoscope-Borescope

DXZtoz USB Endoscope-Borescope

DXZtoz’s USB endoscope features a strong yet pliable cable that stretches up to 50 feet. Get close-up images anywhere with 5 megapixel camera quality and 1944p resolution video.

Set-up includes a two-step process. First, you plug in the USB cable to your computer, and then download the software to start seeing into the unknown!

Being fully submersible, you can take this endoscope right under the water. Plus, it has bright LED lighting for optimal vision in any kind of lighting.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with magnet, mirror, and hook.
  • The camera features a focal distance of 16cm.
  • The flexible cable is an extensive 50 feet.


  • The software is only compatible with Windows computers. It does not support apple or android tablets or smartphones.
  • It requires downloading software and USB plug-in for use.

9. G-Brand 5 USB Endoscope

G-Brand 5 USB Endoscope

The G-Brand 5 is a multi-use USB endoscope that includes 4 different attachments for different scenarios. The 8mm camera can fit anywhere you want, thanks to 16 feet of easily maneuvered semi-rigid cable.

The camera on this endoscope features 2 megapixels, which provides clear images and videos. These images are further brightened by the lighting of 6 LED bulbs.

Wide USB compatibility means that you can connect to your computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time. Simply plug it in, download the app, and turn on the lights to start your search into the previously unknown. 

Pros and Cons


  • A larger size with longer cable is available.
  • There are 3 included USB attachments for versatile connectivity.
  • The semi-rigid cable is ideal for bending and directing the endoscope.


  • The app does not connect to any Apple desktop, phone, or tablet. 
  • It only has a short focal range, so it’s better for close-up viewing.

10. LZHZJOY USB Endoscope Camera

LZHZJOY USB Endoscope Camera

The waterproof 8mm lens of the LZHZJOY USB endoscope means you can dive deep into sewers, drains, and other places you could never see in before. You can view inside electronic appliances, plumbing, and so much more.

2 megapixels in the camera offer clear photos, high quality videos or real-time viewing. Plus, this endoscope camera also features a high brightness level from 8 LED light bulbs for maximum lighting even when the space is pitch-black.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports all smartphones, even iPhones.
  • Features a strong, durable cable that you can bend.
  • 1080p quality means ultra high-definition viewing.


  • It is not compatible with PC or MacBook products.
  • The length of the cable is only 11 ft., which is best for short-distance jobs.

FAQ’s About USB Endoscopes

Should I Get A Waterproof USB Endoscope?

Whether or not you plan to use your endoscope in water, it’s always a good idea to purchase one that’s waterproof. This is important for various reasons, most importantly safety.

Endoscopes are a lifeline when there’s an undetectable leak in one of your pipes. Clearly, this means water will be present, and you will need something that is safe to use.

Because endoscopes plus right into your devices, it’s much safer to buy a waterproof endoscope. This prevents any water damage from happening to your phone, which would be undoubtedly expensive to replace.

What Can A USB Endoscope Be Used For?

Because of its narrow build, an endoscope can be used for any kind of inspection or repair purposes, for a wide variety of household and outdoor items. For example, you can use it for auto-repair, inspecting your HVAC system, or even for exploring underwater.

Plus, if an endoscope has added attachments, it can do so much more than just viewing things that you wouldn't normally see. You can also retrieve something you’ve dropped, clear out a clog, and many more things that are on your to-do list. 

Is A Longer Cord Better?

Sometimes a longer cord is too much for a closer job. If it’s not lightweight, you won’t be able to roll it up and use it as a handheld endoscope. This will leave the excess cable on the ground, posing a trip hazard.

Make sure to check the specifications closely to make sure you’re getting one with the right length for your needs. Typically, 11 ft is more than enough for household and outdoor use. Industrial-sized jobs will need something at least twice as long.

What Is The Number One Feature I Should Look For?

High camera quality is the most important feature to look for in a USB endoscope. Above anything else, you want to be able to see what the endoscope sees.

You don’t want low-quality blurry or pixelated pictures, you want definition, brightness, etc. For this, you’ll need something with a whole lot of pixels.

If you’re looking for supreme camera quality, look for an endoscope with a 5-megapixel lens. Higher lighting will also help your pictures turn out better and more detailed.