10 Best Borescopes for iPhones (iOS Inspection Endoscopes)

Borescopes are extremely useful for saving money when performing your own searches, repairs, and other tasks. Having one means that you can see in the darkest nooks and crannies in your home.

However, there’s one problem that seems to scourge quite a few Apple customers. A lot of these borescopes don’t support iOS.

That’s a problem that can be easily solved if you keep reading. We’ve listed the top ten borescopes for iPhones and what you should be looking for to find the right one for all of your needs!

Best Borescopes for iPhones

1. DEPSTECH Borescope

DEPSTECH Borescope

Depstech is a well-known brand for building high-quality inspection cameras, just like this borescope for iPhones. It’s 11.5 long, perfect for jobs of any size, and comes with a mirror, magnet, and hook for extra functionality when using it.

The camera is built with 2-megapixel camera quality that is highly lit and displays perfect 1200p resolution. Plus, there are 4 levels of picture quality to choose from for better transmission through the borescope’s built-in WiFi.

This best-seller has a tiny 8.4mm lens that can keep focus for pictures for up to 16 inches. This means that you don’t have to be right in front of the problem to see it clearly.

Pros and Cons


  • The lens has a long focal reach.
  • There are added attachments like a magnet and hook.
  • You can adjust the picture resolution and the lighting.


  • There’s a separate setup process for iOS users than for other devices.
  • The app may not be compatible with older versions of iOS.

2. BlueFire Borescope For iPhones

BlueFire Borescope For iPhones

BlueFire’s 11.5-foot-borescope dives deep into vents and pipes to help you spot blockages and other issues. It features built-in WiFi that transmits steady recording to your iPhone or iPad, even in places where WiFi isn’t available.

The 5.5mm camera lens is designed with 2 megapixels to capture 1080p picture quality. The picture quality is further improved by high LED lighting.

From the software, you can choose from multiple resolutions of picture quality. Plus, you can see all of the footage from 2 or more screens all at the same time while you’re viewing live, taking pictures, or recording videos.

Pros and Cons


  • The kit includes 3 handy accessories.
  • The small camera lens bores into more places than ever.
  • The camera has a zoom function.


  • Any iOS versions under 7 cannot record video.
  • They claim that the battery life lasts longer than other borescopes, but it’s only 3-4 hours.

3. Nidage Borescope

Nidage Borescope

Nidage is another known company for making a wide array of quality borescopes, like this 11-foot waterproof borescope for iPhones. This borescope is optimal for any job, from plumbing to car repair. 

8.5mm lens provides perfect 1080p vision quality with up to 16 inches of focus range. You can even zoom in or out to get the perfect view of a leak, blockage, or other problem.

This borescope is designed for heavy-duty jobs. Not only is it waterproof, but you can use it in cold and hot temperatures, and it’s completely safe.

Pros and Cons


  • The setup process is very simple.
  • Includes 4 useful attachments.
  • 140 degrees of peripheral vision.


  • The camera head does not rotate.
  • 8.5mm camera may be too big for tiny openings.

4. NY Borescope For iPhones

NY Borescope For iPhones

The NY wireless borescope is a brightly lit inspection camera that’s over 16 feet long. Not only is this a great borescope for iPhones, but you can use it on your iPad or your desktop computer.

The 8mm lens is perfectly sized for any repair or inspection purpose. It’s also submersible, making it perfect for underwater uses like plumbing or even for seeing inside your fish tank.

2 megapixels camera quality creates high-resolution footage that displays right on your phone screen. Choose from 5 levels of lighting to make your footage or photos even clearer.

Pros and Cons


  • The kit comes with a magnet and mirror for better use.
  • The borescope is completely waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Adjustable lighting from the dial, instead of the app.


  • It requires a long time to reach a full charge.
  • The camera lens has virtually no peripheral view.
  • The lens also has a very short focal range.

5. SUMGOTT Borescope for iPhone

SUMGOTT Borescope for iPhone

SUMGOTT’S 16-foot borescope for iPhones is a snake camera that is the perfect mix of pliable and strong. You can bend the cable any way you need to. It will hold its shape without a problem.

This borescope is also totally life-proof. You can burrow underground or go underwater up to 3 meters, making it perfect for use in drains or other pipes.

The 2-megapixel camera shows 1080p resolution footage and images that you can save right in your gallery. Plus, 5 hours of battery life means you can get your whole to-do list of repairs done in a day.

Pros and Cons


  • The scope comes with 3 attachments, including a magnet and hook.
  • The LED lighting is adjustable.
  • It has lasting battery life.


  • Only 3 levels of brightness to choose from.
  • 16 feet may be too extensive and is too much to be used as a handheld borescope.
  • The added attachments may hinder the lens’s view.

6. MOGLOR WiFi Borescope

MOGLOR WiFi Borescope

MOGLOR’s borescope is a fully waterproof 11.5-foot camera with clear HD viewing. It comes in handy when you’re doing any vent inspections or plumbing repair.

Behind the 1200p resolution is the 2-megapixel camera and 8 bright LEDs to find the way in the darkest corners of your home. And while you’re viewing, you can adjust the lighting and image quality to take better pictures and videos.

This borescope isn’t just compatible with phones. You can also use it on your iPad or Mac computer for ultimate versatility.

Pros and Cons


  • The camera features adjustable lighting and footage quality.
  • If anything goes wrong, it’s backed up by a warranty.
  • The borescope’s setup is easy.


  • Only supports iOS 7 and a newer model.
  • Doesn’t have zoom capabilities.
  • Higher levels of lighting will drain the battery quicker.

7. RUMIA Wireless Borescope

RUMIA Wireless Borescope

RUMIA’s well-rated borescope is essentially wireless and comes with its own controller for the camera. For maximum connection variability, you can use it via WiFi or through the USB attachment on your phone or tablet.

This borescope is made with a strong cable with superior structure technology that allows it to get through twisting and turning pipes, and to get into the perfect position. Plus, there are bright LED spotlights for better vision.

On the app, you can take pictures and videos that store right onto your device. All of the footage is shown in pristine HD quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Newest semi-rigid cable technology.
  • It’s powered by a strong battery with longer-lasting life.
  • If you’re not happy with the borescope, you can get a refund or replacement.


  • There are only a few levels of brightness adjustments.
  • It’s waterproof, but it’s not submersible, so it cannot be used underwater.
  • The lens only has a short range of focus, so you have to be close to something to be able to see it with full clarity.

8. TODSKOP iPhone Borescope

TODSKOP iPhone Borescope

The TODSKOP Borescope for iPhones is a high-tech snake camera powered by built-in WiFi and displayed on the app. 33 feet of flexible cable easily makes its way through any kind of tight spots that the lens can fit through.

The camera is designed with 2 megapixels to offer high-definition visuals in full lighting or darkness. You can view in real-time, record videos, or take pictures for consultation with a home contractor.

This borescope connects seamlessly with any iPhone or iPad. There are even zoom capabilities and reset functions right on the app for a better experience in using this camera.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a hook, magnet, and mirror.
  • Designed with a strong WiFi signal as far as the cable’s full length.
  • The app has multiple features.


  • 33 feet may be suitable for industrial use, but it may be too long for household use.
  • There is under 10cm of focal distance.
  • Focal distance is only mid-range.

9. EFUTONPRO Borescope For iPhone

EFUTONPRO Borescope For iPhone

The latest EFUTONPRO borescope is perfect for seeing in tight spots all over your home. Not only does it pair well with iPhones, but you can use it on iPads and MacBooks as well.

This borescope provides 1200p camera quality that comes from the 2-megapixel camera. In the app, you can select one of four different levels of footage quality and five levels of lighting.

The flexible hard-wire cable keeps structure while propping up or bending through tight corners. As a bonus, the kit comes with a magnetic hook and side mirror accessories.

Pros and Cons


  • This borescope uses its own WiFi.
  • The software is compatible with a wide array of devices, even older models.
  • The technology and casing are all underwater safe.


  • Your phone must be in airplane mode to be able to connect to the device.
  • 5 meters may be too long for use in your home, although there are smaller sizes available.

10. HJSHI Borescope for Smartphones

HJSHI Borescope for Smartphones

The 2-megapixel lens in the HJSHI borescope offers iPhones 1080p clarity and detail for whatever the borescope sees. While it moves around, the camera has stability, so your footage isn’t destroyed by vibration or unsteady movements.

The 5.5mm camera slips easily into unreachable areas to show you any repairs you might need to make. Or you can use it just to check and see if everything is running correctly.

This borescope is made with semi-rigid cable and is over 16 feet long. This is perfect for an extensive outdoor project involving septic or irrigation lines.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s warranty-protected and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Anti-vibration technology for steadier video recording.
  • There’s a chip that works to preserve the device’s battery life.


  • There’s only up to 45 degrees of peripheral view on each side.
  • It may not work as well with older versions of iOS.

FAQs About iPhone Borescopes

How Good Is a Borescope Camera’s Quality?

On average, the quality of a borescope can be from 1080p. This is great quality, however, there are a few cameras that display higher resolutions. There are two reasons for a camera’s true quality.

In short, pictures are transmitted through pixels. This means that the more megapixels a camera lens has, the more pixels that can make up the picture on your phone’s screen. This is no different than how the camera works on your phone.

Secondly, it’s a fact that lighting is vital for clarity in pictures. More light means more detail. When you’re looking for a borescope, make sure it has bright lighting to improve the camera’s picture quality. 

Are The Apps Safe To Use?

The apps required for all of these borescopes are all safe for use on iPhones. They won't cause viruses and are usually available right on the app store.

If you don’t want to connect through an app, you might want to try a USB-connected borescope for your phone instead. That way, you usually won’t have to install an app.

Either way, remember to read reviews like these to figure out which apps are better. Also note that every app, even the most high-tech ones, can experience glitching or issues at some point.

Are Borescopes Waterproof?

Most borescopes are designed to be water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. The IPX rating of a borescope is an important specification to look for when you’re reading product descriptions and reviews about any kind of technology.

Don’t forget that water isn’t the only damage-causing element to technology. The first X in the IP rating symbolizes how dust and dirt-resistant it is, with the highest rating being 6. If your borescope has a rating of IP68, that means it’s waterproof and dustproof, which is even safer than just waterproof.

Look for a rating of IPX7 at the very least. If you’re looking for a submersible borescope, be on the lookout for ratings like IPX8.

Can I connect to a MacBook As Well?

First, you should note that not all borescopes for iPhones can be used on MacBooks as well. You will have to look specifically for that versatility.

With Wireless or WiFi-powered borescopes, an app or some other kind of exterior software needs to be installed to be able to view the camera’s findings. If the app or other kind of software is available for computers, then you can view it from there.

You can also connect a borescope to a MacBook if it’s a USB borescope. This usually involves a much simpler setup process than wireless borescopes because there’s a simple setup via the plug and WLAN settings.