YINAMA Industrial Endoscope Review

YINAMA Industrial Endoscope

Professionals, hobbyists, homeowners, and DIYers are going to find a lot to fall in love with when it comes to the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope.

Not only does this unit provide plenty of reach thanks to and intelligently designed and semi flexible probe cable system capable of reaching into the tightest spots and around the sharpest corners, but they’re also going to be blown away by the visual fidelity of the video and still images captured and displayed by this unit as well.

The heavy lifting of this visual fidelity is pulled off by a special feature that will go into in just a moment, but this is the number one thing that separates this endoscope from the rest of the pack and really makes it a treat to use compared to other top-tier solutions.

The color readout screen is absolutely gorgeous as well, offering a higher level of resolution than your traditional LCD screens are going to. Colors are reflected accurately thanks to the high definition 1080p HD camera module using a high-powered CMOS sensor, again leading this to be one of the most popular and highly recommended endoscope options available right now.

Key Features

The biggest standout feature for the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope (the feature that we just highlighted above) has to be that it showcases the longest focal distance of any endoscope on the market today, a focal distance that stretches from between 1.6 inches all the way up to 198 inches.

This represents a major new leap forward in endoscope camera technology, helping individuals see whatever it is they are inspecting with zero fuzziness, zero blurring, and zero “artifacting” compared to other endoscope options. You’ll be able to see more of each inspection area and from further distances without sacrificing any clarity whatsoever – making inspections a lot easier but also helping to improve the quality of your captures as well.

 You will find this unit to be a little bit more flexible and a lot more stable than most of the other options available in the “all-in-one” endoscope products. This cable is going to flex but still hold its position the way that some of the Wi-Fi options with internal iron wire technology do, making it a bit of a hybrid option and a real pleasure to use.
YINAMA Industrial Endoscope battery features

Control Setup

The control pad on the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope unit is about as streamlined as can be, featuring just eight different buttons on the face of the unit and a couple of other “trigger switches” that you can take advantage of on the top and rear of the control module.

All of these controls are displayed adjacent to the 4.3 inch QVGA LCD readout screen, the screen that offers the beautiful high definition resolution picture that we highlighted in the beginning of this quick review.

You might not get the same kind of total control over your endoscope with this more traditional all-in-one set up that you would with Wi-Fi enabled options that paired with controls on smart phone or tablet devices, but you’ll never feel like you are handicapped by this more “old-school” approach, either.

In fact, some people find the tactile feedback of these physical controls to be a lot more comfortable than fiddling with the touchscreen of a smart phone or tablet – particularly in a working environment where fingertips are anything but squeaky clean.

Camera Quality

The camera quality of the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope unit is top-tier, with a Super High Vision 1080p HD camera built right in.

This camera lens also takes advantage of a high resolution CMOS sensor, a sensor that actively pulls in as much light from any individual source as possible – really helping this shine in lowlight situations. Pair this high-powered sensor with the six individual (and completely adjustable) LED lights that ring the camera sensor itself and you will be able to get high definition color video and still images even in otherwise totally dark situations.

The YINAMA Industrial Endoscope also has built-in camera software that can be updated with quick flashing (after your device is plugged into a computer or laptop), with semi-regular updates being published every 12 months or so. This improves the overall image quality of your endoscope with each successive update, making this a pretty future proof investment (as long as updates continue to be rolled out for this model).

Capture and Storage Options

The capture and storage of those videos or still images on this unit is pretty straightforward, giving the ability to clip short 15 seconds or so videos as often as you like or to record high-definition video stills all the way up until you fill the onboard 8 GB of storage or choose to extend that with a TF storage card.

You can expand the storage of this unit all the way up to 32 GB with an accessory TF storage card, though these are sold separately. It’s not a bad idea to get your hands on one (especially considering how inexpensive they are.

Battery Life

The battery life of the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope unit is top-tier as well, thanks to the 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery power plant that runs the entire show. You can expect anywhere between four and six hours of continuous runtime because of this built-in battery pack, a battery that can be quick charged from completely dead back to 75% in about an hour.

Those nervous about an internal lithium-ion battery like the one this unit features can rest easy knowing that this unit comes with a full 12 month warranty to guard against exactly these kinds of defects.

YINAMA Industrial Endoscope battery

Probe Length and Flexibility

The YINAMA Industrial Endoscope features a probe length of 9.8 feet, which isn’t exactly the longest probe cable length in the endoscope world today – but most shouldn’t find it handicapping or limiting, either. Think about the last time you needed 50 feet of cable probe on your endoscope, anyway.

YINAMA Industrial Endoscope - Summary

Overall Rating:

4 / 5




Ranking right up there amongst the very best of the best traditional endoscope options, your money is going to be well invested if you decide to pull the trigger on the YINAMA Industrial Endoscope unit.

Well-built, well-designed, and intelligently engineered across-the-board this is very much a professional’s tool that homeowners, hobbyists, and DIYers can feel comfortable using as well.