Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope Review

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope

As a general rule, the overwhelming majority of endoscope and borescope options on the market today are pretty slim and easy to fit into tight, confined spaces.

But sometimes you bump into a project that requires something even thinner.

That’s where the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope comes into play.

Offering one of the narrowest endoscope probe cameras on the planet today (measuring in at just 5.5 mm) this ultraslim borescope has been designed to go places that other endoscope options couldn’t even imagine reaching because of their thickness.

That alone makes it one of the most impressive options on the market right now and certainly worthy of your consideration.

Key Features

Aside from the ridiculously thin camera head and cable probe, the built-in 3.5” full-color LCD readout on this borescope is pretty spectacular as well. You’re going to get full and accurate color representation of everything the 720p camera lens picks up, as well as the ability to effortlessly capture or record video clips and still images with just a quick press of a single button.

Six LEDs near the camera allow you to adjust lighting while you probe, providing on-demand access to just the right amount of light so that you make the most of the camera built into this endoscope.

Proprietary antiglare technology has also been applied directly to the camera lens itself, helping to dramatically reduce the amount of overexposure that endoscope cameras with lights so close by are prone to as a general rule.

Control Setup

The control scheme is very much simplified on the main control pad/LCD readout unit of the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope, with just five main buttons available to flip through, two buttons to control the LED lights and the capturing or recording of images, and a single power button to turn the unit on or to turn the unit off.

All of these buttons are gently raised and manufactured out of rubberized material so that they are easy to manipulate even when your hands are dirty. You find this experience of a tactile control scheme to be a lot more efficient compared to slick surfaces on smart phones and tablets, especially if you’re working on a project that is anything but squeaky clean.

Some will find the “old school” control approach to be a little bit limiting compared to the sheer volume of choices and options you have when you are controls are software-based like with a smart phone paired option, but those that don’t want to risk the safety of their expensive phones or tablets will appreciate this throwback approach.

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope uses

Camera Quality

Camera quality is pretty exceptional for this endoscope considering just how small and compact the probe is.

You’ll be able to record full-color high-definition images in 720p resolutions as well as have the opportunity to record quick video clips in the same HD resolution. It would have been nice to see a full 1080p resolution from this endoscope, but when you’re shrieking things down to this kind of size that just isn’t realistic – yet, anyway.

All in all, thanks to the LED lighting, the antiglare treatment, and the camera sensor itself this is a pretty solid though maybe not spectacular camera set up.

Capture and Storage Options

The Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope includes an 8 GB microSD card right out of the box to offer you a little bit of storage for your video captures and still images, but most people are going to want to expand this storage to at least 64 GB – something that can be done with accessory cards at a very minimal investment.

Just make sure that you are purchasing a high-speed card if you want to make sure that your Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope is working as quickly and as responsively as possible. These cards aren’t going to set you back very much but they are slightly more expensive than your traditional microSD card options.

Battery Life

The battery life of this unit is good for about 3 ½ to 4 hours of continuous operation thanks to the 2600 mAh battery power plant built right in.

This lithium-ion battery recharges pretty quickly to get you back up and running after the entire battery life has been discharged, and because it is next generation lithium-ion technology you can expect it to last a lot longer than previous generation lithium-ion or NiCad batteries ever would have.

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope battery

Probe Length and Flexibility

There are three different probe lengths that you can pick and choose from when you’re ready to rock and roll with the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope set up. There’s a basic 3.28 foot probe, a 9.84 foot classic probe, and a 9.84 foot short focus probe for your consideration.

The short focus probe is a little bit unique in that it features a camera design that allows for more precise inspection through a focal length that is a lot closer to whatever it is you are inspecting and observing. The depth of field on this is between 1 cm and 2 cm compared to the 5 cm to 8 cm of the probe style on both the 3.28 foot and 9.84 foot classic options.

That’s definitely something you want to consider before you pull the trigger on this purchase.

Only the highest quality semi flexible but still pretty malleable gooseneck cable systems are featured in the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope unit. You will be able to bend around corners effortlessly but still get a stable picture with no trouble at all.

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope - Summary

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5




There’s a lot to really like and appreciate when it comes to the Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope unit, especially since it offers the slimmest and thinnest camera set up in the endoscope world today.

If you’re looking for up close and personal inspection of tight confines and are finding traditional endoscopes to be a little limiting you’re really appreciate all that this option brings to the table.

Combine that with the fact that you can get it in a Classic or Short Focus probe cable configuration and you’re looking at something really impressive here.