DEPSTECH 10 FT Waterproof LCD Borescope Review

DEPSTECH 10 FT Waterproof LCD Borescope

A bit of a hybrid option between your traditional “all-in-one” block style borescope/endoscope systems and your Wi-Fi, hands-free, and smart phone/tablet pairing endoscope options, the DEPSTECH 10 FT Waterproof LCD Borescope features a pistol grip configuration that makes it really easy and lightweight to use and manipulate but still packs all of the power user features you’d expect from a top-tier piece of technology.

The folks behind the DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope understood that the blockier all-in-one units on the market were difficult for some people to maneuver and manipulate, particularly when they were trying to work the actual cable probe into tight and confined spaces.

At the same time, Wi-Fi enabled and 100% wireless units offered a lot more flexibility and freedom when it came to the cable probe – but then you had to worry about your smart phone or your tablet getting dirty, getting damaged, or being difficult to manipulate.

This pistol grip style option eliminates all of that trouble completely.

Key Features

Aside from the pistol grip style configuration we just highlighted above, the 3.5” color LCD screen on this endoscope is nothing to sneeze at.

You’ll be able to use this endoscope right out of the box thanks to this LCD readout, never having to worry about connecting with a smart phone or mobile device or installing all kinds of applications just to get your camera ready to rock and roll.

Instead, the DEPSTECH Waterproof Borescope is a real set it and forget it kind of option that is ready to roll right out of the box.

Secondly, the super hi vision HD camera is 100% IP 67 waterproof (as is the rest of the cable probe itself). This means you can go as deep as 3.3 feet underwater before you’ll start to notice any degradation due to water damage, making this perfect for submerged probing and plumbing systems, HVAC equipment, and other applications.

DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope features

Control Setup

The control setup and scheme of this pistol grip unit is effortless to use with a single hand – something that cannot be said about the overwhelming majority of other endoscope or borescope options.

Instead of having to manipulate and maneuver the cable with both hands, pick up the LCD readout unit and control module, fiddle with everything, and then go back to working on the cable to get things just right you can instead manipulate the controls with one hand while working your cable simultaneously with the other.

All of the controls you need are at your fingertips, mounted within reach of your thumb on the face of the module, on the sides and easily reached by your trigger finger, or underneath the pistol grip where you can also get to them with just a flick.

Controls are responsive and tactile as opposed to slick and slippery the way they might be on a touchscreen device.

Camera Quality

The camera quality you can expect out of this unit is top-tier, with the Super Hi Vision HD camera providing full 1080p video and still image capture capabilities.

A CMOS lowlight sensor guarantees you will be able to capture video and images in stunning clarity even in lowlight situations, though the six LEDs (with adjustable brightness) practically guarantee you’ll never have to worry about lighting problems when running this endoscope.

Capture and Storage Options

When it comes to capturing your high definition video or your still images you want to extend the onboard 8 GB of storage with either a micro SD card or a TF card.

These storage accessories have to be purchased separately but are definitely well worth the investment (a minimal investment at that), if only because you will be able to record a lot more video and still images than you would have been able to with the somewhat limiting eight gigabytes this unit comes with right out of the box.

Video clips and still images can be played back directly on the 3.5” LCD readout. This is useful if you are using the onboard storage only and want to guarantee that you’re not wasting space with clips or captures that you won’t need later down the line.

Battery Life

This endoscope is powered by regular old-fashioned AA batteries, though you could also take advantage of rechargeable lithium-ion AA battery packs that work wonders with this unit as well.

Some folks find having to recharge their batteries after they die to be a needless headache and hassle, particularly when they are in the middle of a big job. The opportunity to simply pop out old AA batteries and replenish this endoscope with brand-new ones – rocking and rolling again in about 30 seconds – is a major advantage.

Probe Length and Flexibility

You can purchase the DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope in two different configurations, with either a 10 foot probe or a 16.4 foot probe. These probes aren’t the longest probes in the business today but they certainly aren’t tiny, short, or limiting, either.

A lot of people find the semi-flexible/semi rigid construction of this probe to be one of the easiest to manipulate and maneuver, particularly with a single hand. The line is able to sneak around tight corners and get into some pretty tight spots, but it also has a bit of “memory” so that you don’t have to worry about your endoscope camera bouncing all over the place when you finally get it into position and want to take video clips or still images.

DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope probe

DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope - Summary

Overall Rating:

4 / 5




If you aren’t all that excited about the traditional “all-in-one” endoscope units available on the market today but do not want to use the Wi-Fi enabled and smart phone/tablet required options, either, then the odds are pretty good the DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope is going to be more your speed.

Featuring a fantastically designed camera, and intelligently designed pistol grip style configuration, and one of the easiest to use and manipulate with just a single freehand cable system, this is easily one of the top endoscope options worthy of your consideration.